Introduction to Training


Welcome to the beginning of your education journey for the ReadySkills system! In this training series we'll walk you through how to successfully configure and use ReadySkills to conduct your business operations.  

Training Session Outline 

ReadySkills Training consists of the following sessions:

  1. Introduction to Training
  2. Site Setup
  3. Profiling 
  4. Assessment
  5. RPL 
  6. Training Plans
  7. Organiser
  8. Integrations
    1. ReadyLMS
    2. VETtrak

These sessions are designed to give you the skills to setup and maintain your system for each of the 5 Extensions. We strongly recommend you view the training material for each extension you will be using to get the most out of your ReadySkills system. 

Each session builds on the concepts delivered in earlier sessions. For that reason, we strongly encourage you to attend all sessions, in order.

The following diagram outlines the broad workflow for each Extension.  

 Figure 1. Broad overview of ReadySkills workflows.  

Training Order

The get the most out of ReadySkills, please complete all the session, in order, as outlined in the following table. 

Topic Number
 Training Order 
Session Link
1Introduction to ReadySkillsLink to Article
2Site Setup Link to Article
ProfilingLink to ArticleCompulsory
4Assessment Link to Article If using Assessment or RPL
5RPLLink to ArticleIf using RPL
6Training Plans Link to Article
If using Training Plans
7OrganiserLink to ArticleIf using Organiser
8IntegrationsReadyLMS (powered by aNewSpring)
If using Integration/s

These training sessions are available in free eLearn format here: eLearn Sign Up 

Alternatively, the individual articles and recordings can be worked through according to the session links above.

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