Session 8.1 Integrations: Ready LMS (Powered by aNewSpring)


This article contains all information and resources required for you to setup your integration between ReadySkills and Ready LMS (powered by aNewSpring). Here, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your integration. We will also discuss some structures and frameworks for thinking about how to set up your Templates in aNewSpring to link the two systems correctly.

Topics Covered  

  1. API Setup 
  2. Linking Units
  3. Linking Students
  4. Resulting 

Session Recording  

API Setup: 00:58

API Setup (system demo): 03:23
Linking Units - On Ticked: 06:50
Linking (system demo): 09:39
Linking Units - Checklist Marked: 12:52
Linking Units (system demo): 14:23
Linking Students to Courses: 15:57
Linking Students (system demo): 18:00
Resulting: 21:25
Resulting (system demo): 24:14
Summary: 29:25

Session Resources  

To complete this session, you will require the following resources.

Required Resources 
1Access to ReadySkills (URL, username and password)
2Access to Ready LMS (powered by aNewSpring)
3An understanding of how your Courses and Templates are structured in Ready LMS
4Note: Your system will need to be configured according to sessions 1-4 to setup the RPL Extension

Session Outcomes/Action Items  

Following the session, we recommend you complete the following action items. This will assist in enabling you to set up your Student Management System correctly, as well as prepare you for the next and future training sessions.

  • Connect the API between ReadySkills and aNewSpring
  • Link all desired units for all qualifications
  • Link the test student to an integrated qualification and aNewSpring Course
  • Result the test student in ReadySkills  
  • Manually push the result to aNewSpring
  • Check the result is present in aNewSpring

Additional Resources  

The following resources provide additional support and information relating to this session.

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