Admin - Adding a Qualification Template

Before you create student accounts it is necessary to create Qualification Template/s to assign students to.

It is advisable to create as many templates as necessary and multiple templates are created where the elective choices vary within a qualification

  • e.g. different streams/specific employer requirements
  • Streamlines adding users with electives pre-selected

Where an individual has only one or two electives that vary from the template, the best option is to customise the Training Plan in their individual account

Qualification templates can be customised based on various block types. This is a selectable option in your RTO settings.

By default, units are displayed showing core then elective units. An alternate display may be set up within the Qualification Templates area to better reflect the training delivery schedule. Blocks may contain both core & elective units.

For example, you could create blocks “1a”, “1b”, “2a”, “2b”, “3a”, etc., to reflect each semester of study, so that units of competency are displayed in the order they are studied.

This affects the display in:

  • Student Unit Overview Graph
  • Student’s Training Plan in +Training Plan

Existing Templates can be edited to modify the display if desired. Editing existing templates should be done with caution as they affect all users assigned to that qualification template.

Core Units - are set as per the qualification rules and cannot be changed

Stream core units – if specified in qualification rules - may be set or selected from a choice. Core units that are optional are recognised as stream core to facilitate the selection of the appropriate unit.

Electives - to be added as per your RTO’s delivery

Adding qualification templates -

  1. Go to Control panel -> Qualification Templates ;


  2. Hit the "Add Qualification Template" button ;


  3. Choose from the Qualifications that are available - either type in Name, or Qual Code to search;


  4. Assign a name (this is to distinguish it from other qualification templates) ;


  5. The list of Units is pre-populated on the left and can’t be removed (marked with a “c” so you know they’re a core unit)


  6. Select your Core/Elective units. They will be added to the lists of units on the right-hand side.

    - Click and drag the units to move them
    - More units can be added than specified by the training package

  7. Once finished, select “Save Qualification Template” at the bottom. Alternatively, customise the blocks for a more comprehensive qualification plan.

Editing blocks -

  1. When a block is selected, the toolbar is displayed showing block options to:


    • Remove the block
    • Sort units in the block
    • Move units to block
    • Displays the number of units in the block
  2. To move units between blocks either drag and drop, or select the block and use “move units to block” on the menu.
  3. To order units within a selected block either drag and drop or select the block and use “sort units” on the menu.
  4. Block Options” gives you the option to add a new block, or multiple blocks, to remove blocks, or to reset the units to the qualification. Resetting units to qual will clear all block, force all units back to the left-hand side, and delete elective units from this particular qualification template.
    • The most recent Training Plan Template will appear at end of the page

    • If you encounter a situation where a unit or qualification required is not available for selection, please contact

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