+RPL - Step 6 - Upload additional evidence



Step 6 - Upload additional evidence




Step 6 is the page on which you can upload any additional evidence (supporting documents) to help prove your RPL.


Start by selecting the type of evidence you're uploading, from the drop-down ;


Photo evidence is preferred – try to focus on quality and not quantity


Some supporting documentation examples include ;

  • Course or Qualification Certificates
  • Assessment Results
  • Workplace Documentation
  • Any Licenses
  • White Cards
  • Signed Employer Validation Reports
  • Evidence Checklist (if required – see RTO uploads below)


If there are RTO uploads, such as an Evidence Checklist, click on them to download and view them.

File uploads are limited to the following sizes:

  • 20mb for Profiling items
  • 250mb for RPL items

Once finished with any uploading/download, you can move onto step 7.


Click here for - Step 7 - Declaration and Submission

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