Admin - Managing Employers

As an Admin, it's up to you to set up and manage the Employers that your students may work for.

Adding Employers; 

  1. Go to Control panel -> Employers ;

  2. Hit 'Add Employer' ;

  3. Add the required details ;
    • Employer Legal Name (optional)
    • ABN (optional)
    • Employer Trading Name
    • Employer’s details including address, email, phone, etc.

  4. Add branch/office - use this option if the employer has more than one branch or office.

  5. Press Save Employer
    • Usually, a new employer name is added when creating a student/supervisor account but may be added here prior to creating accounts
    • Search to check that the Employer does not already exist before adding
       - Check for variations of the employer name as well
    • The trading Name field is mandatory
       - This data is displayed for selection when creating accounts
    • When the Training Plan used to upload data and create accounts, this area will be auto-populated with that data

How to Edit Employer details -

  1. Go to Control panel -> Employers

  2. Find the required Employer

  3. Click on the Employer
    • Supervisors & students linked to this employer are displayed on the right-hand side 
    • Both active and archived users are displayed

  4. Edit the details as required

  5. Once finished, hit 'Save Employer'

How to add an additional Employer

  1.  Click on Add additional Employer
    • Begin typing employer name


  2. If the employer already exists in the system, select the Employer

  3.  If the employer does not exist in the system
    • Type the new Employer Name into the field and press enter


  4. Go to Employers and select secondary employer to complete the required information


  • The option to add a secondary employer is used for situations where the student is:
    • Employed by a Group Trainer
  • Add the Group Trainer as the Primary Employer and the host employer as the secondary employer.
  • Supervisors associated with both employers will be available to link to the student
    • On temporary assignment
  • The temporary employer can be added as required

  • Both Employers are included in the weekly validation process, receiving email notifications/push notifications of submitted entries.
  • Both Primary and or Secondary employer/ supervisors may be requested to approve entries
  • Data is only added to the Unit profiles once the Primary Employer has approved the entry
  • Both employers may also be part of the 'Employer Support' process

Managing duplicate Employers

It is important to merge duplicate accounts for the one Employer to avoid problems with -

  • Students & supervisors not being linked correctly
  • Multiple log-ins created for the one user

Common examples of duplications -

  • Spelling error or abbreviations used
  • One employer but various locations
  • The trading name is different to the Company name
  • Multiple Trading Names

To manage Duplicate Employers ;

  1. Go to Control Panel -> Employers ;

  2. Search for the Employer

  3. Check if there are users displayed in the View/Delete column ;

    If there are no users attached to this employer and it may be archived.


If the Employer has assigned users;

  1. Navigate to the Employer that has the assigned (Active) users ;

  2. Click on the Employer

  3. Follow the relationship for any Supervisor/Student assigned to the Employer ;

  4. Assign the correct Employer to the Student/Supervisors ;

  5. Repeat the process until all linked users (active & archived) are re-assigned and there are no users associated with this employer

  6. You can now archive the Employer ;

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