Admin - Creating accounts

Creating accounts

  1. From the home page go to Users > Add user;

  2. 2. Select the required user level:   
    1. Student
    2. Supervisor
    3. Trainer
    4. RTO Admin  

  3. Add First Name & Last Name;  


  4. Username is then auto-generated, however;  
    • The Username is Editable
    • The system will Auto check the name for availability
    • Each username must be unique within the Ready Skills database
    • You may opt to use a username already in use within your organisation (if available)

  5. Enter in the remaining details
    • Enter a USI if the Student has one
    • Email is essential for reporting and alerts
    • User Access is the functionality that you want the student to have access to within Ready Skills
    • Qualifification Template can only be selected once a Template has been created for your RTO.


  6. Select tags for this user (optional)


  7. Allocate a password
    • Passwords are Case sensitive
    • Passwords are encrypted and cannot be retrieved from the system once the account is created, if the student forgets the password, you must create a new on
    • Check “notify user” to notify the new user of their password via Email

  8. Create links – on the right-hand side
    • Select Students to link to Trainer (if available*)
    • Select using
    • Tag filter * and/or
    • Alphabetical links

      Note: Once a student has been linked to this trainer, the student will always be displayed in this list regardless of the tags chosen.

  9. Finalise by clicking “Add User”
  10. Only deselect Notify User (by email) if another mode of notification of account set up is in place.

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