Admin - Generating Reports

Within Ready Skills, you have the ability to generate Reports.

  1. Go to 'Control Panel' ->' Reports' ;

  2. Drop down the list of Reports to view all the available reports ; 

List of Reports ;


  • Latest Site Visit 
    • Used to find visits for individual students/trainers.
  • Student Events
    • Used to track trainer events with individual students.
  • Total Training/Assessment Hours
    • Used to track actual hours for Training or Assessment carried out by trainers for individual students.
  • Trainer Events
    • Used to display the trainer's upcoming events in the next 7 days.
      • Can use date range filter to view earlier or later events.
  • Visit History
    • Used to display all visits by all Trainers within the last 30 days.


  • Employer Support Status
    • Used to display relevant Employer Support status.
  • Overdue Entries
    • Used to list students that have overdue entries in one of 3 groupings.
  • SSA Status
    • Used to display the relevant SSA status for your students.
  • Unapproved Entries
    • Used to alphabetically display students with unapproved weeks.
  • Unsubmitted Entries
    • Used to show any missing weeks of entries since the date the account created.

+Training Plan

  • Contract Commencements
    • Used to show commenced contracts, based on the Training Contract Start date in +Training Plan.
  • Contract Completions
    • Used to display completion dates based on Training Contract End Date on +Training Plan.

  • Training Plan Compliance
    • Used to see students with an Training Plan agreement incomplete.
  • Uncompleted Units
    • Used to see students who have a unit due for completion within the next 30 days.
  • Units Completed
    • Used to see students who have units completed within the last 30 days.


  • App Users
    • Used to get a list of all users within the system.
  • Archived Users
    • Used to get a list of all archived users within the system.
  • Bounced Emails
    • Used to monitor successful delivery of system-generated emails.
  • New Users
    • Used to generate a list of new users, based on the date the account was created.
  • Students without Linked Supervisor
    • Used to see students who have an account but are not linked to a Supervisor within their Employer.
  • Students without Linked Trainer
    • Used to see students who have an account but are not linked to a Trainer.
  • User Anniversaries
    • Used to track upcoming Student Anniversaries based on their creation date.

LMS & Assessments

  • Assessment Outcomes
    • Used to displays students' outcomes.
  • Students Commencing Assessment
    • Used to see the students and information about their first opened assessment in a unit of competency.
  • Students Completing Assessment
    • Used to see the students who are completing assessments.


  • Student Demographics
    • Used to Display gender statistics based on NCVER age groupings.

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