Admin - Managing the Training Plan

When managing a Training Plan, you can:

  • Track status of the agreement by parties (digital or electronic)

  • Edit Training Plan and save a new version

  • Request electronic signatures of a new version of the Training Plan

  • Print/save PDF of current/archived versions

Manage Training Plans to:

  • Monitor responses to a request for electronic signatures

    • Icons indicate if RTO/ Employer/Apprentice has been emailed or has agreed/not agreed to the Training Plan


  • Access archived versions of the Training Plans

    • Select the icon to the left of the Training Plan button


  • Edit Student/Training/Employer etc details in Steps 1 – 5

    1. Filter to select student
    2. Select ‘Clear Filter’ to re-display all students


    3. Edit/customise Qualification template

      • Maybe also done by selecting Edit User in the main admin area in +Profiling


    4. View or update Training Plan dates, modes, etc

      • Select Step 6 & edit as required
      • Save a minor edit and retain the same version


      • Save as a new version where a major edit has resulted from a new negotiation (When a New Version is saved, a PDF of the existing version is automatically saved as an archived version)

      • Archived versions can be accessed by clicking on the icon beside the Student Name above the Steps buttons or on the +Training Plan home page

    5. Print or save PDF - available in step 6


    6. Request electronic agreement in Step 7 when a new version has been negotiated


    7. Resend a copy of the existing version of the Training Plan to an Employer or Apprentice/Trainee in Step 7
      • Click on Email Training Plan
      • Select ‘Send Training Plan’

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