+RPL - Step 4 - Work Experience Validation



Step 4 - Work Experience Validation



A Work Experience report is generated from the Profile you completed in Step 3. It is an important step to have this experience validated by your previous employer.

 You need to ensure that the details of your current/past employer are correctly and accurately recorded in Step 2 as these details are used in these reports.


When getting your work experience validated, you can either:

  • Print the report out and take it to your previous employer
  • Send it in the post or deliver it (signed reports can be uploaded here in Step 4 or in Step 6)
  • Email the report and have it digitally signed (this is the preferred means, as this will save a lot of time)

If an employer does not agree with your experience, you may go back to Step 3 and amend your selection and then re-request employer validation.



Click here for - Step 5 - Self-Evaluation Questionnaire

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