Admin - Managing your RTO Settings

RTO Settings are a vital part of your Organisations Ready Skills setup. They are managed by the RTO's Admin/s.

You can find your RTO Settings by going to the Control Panel -> RTO Settings ;


Within the RTO settings, there are multiple sections ;

  • General
  • Security
  • Auto Employer Support Custom Messages
  • Templates


General -

There are multiple different sections within the general RTO Settings ;

  •  Details - displayed in Training Plans and Emails
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Configurations for functionality
  • Manage Password Emails
  • Manage Report Emails
  • Manage Overdue Notifications
  • Unapproved Entries Reminders
  • Manage Assessment
  • Manage Training Plans
  • Manage RPL
  • Manage Organiser
  • API Setup


Throughout the Settings page, you will see question marks next to the options, these are to explain what the options are for ;


RTO Details - 

Quite self-explanatory, this section of the RTO Settings contains details about the RTO ;

  • NTIS Code 
  • Trading Name
  • Address
  • Contact Person
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Email
  • RTO Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email


Terms & Conditions

Contains the user agreement you to when using Ready Skills.


Configurations for functionality -

These settings affect your RTO the most as they determine how your Ready Skills functions. 


Each option has a question mark next to it, which explains what the option does ;


Manage Password Emails

Contains settings that allow you to configure password reset emails ;


Manage Report Emails

Contains settings that affect if and how often you email reports from within Ready Skills.


Manage Overdue Notifications

Contains settings that manage overdue reminder notifications that go out to your Supervisors and Students for their overdue entries.


Unapproved Entries Reminders

Contains a setting that manages the number of days before an unapproved entry is included in an email reminder sent to the supervisor.


Manage Assessment

Contains settings that manage the setup of your LMS/Assessments within Ready Skills.


Manage Training Plans

Contains settings that manage the setup of your Training Plans within Ready Skills.


Manage RPL

Contains settings that manage the setup of your RPL within Ready Skills.


Manage Organiser

Contains a setting to do with the setup of your Organiser.


API Setup

Contains settings to do with the API (usually for developers only).


RTO Security Settings -

Security Settings contain everything to do with Passwords and access to Ready Skills.

  • Password minimum length for users needs to be 10 characters

  • Passwords must contain at least three of the following:
    - lowercase alphabetic characters (a-z)

    - uppercase alphabetic characters (A-Z)
    - numeric characters (0-9)
    - special characters (i.e. punctuation characters and symbols)


RTO Employer Support Custom Messages -

Employer Support Custom Messages is for setting your templates up for the Employer Support notifications.


Templates -

'Notes' are for adding new Note categories.


'Assessment Methods' are for adding new Assessment Methods;


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