Admin - How Add New Assessment Items

To get to +Assessment, select +Assessment from the extensions tab on the right-hand side of the toolbar. A new item will appear in the toolbar - +Assessment.

From the new +Assessment tab select > Add New Assessment Item


How to create an Assessment Item -

  1. Choose the type of item – question or checklist
  2. Enter question and answer or checklist item
    • Enter Assessment criteria
    • Upload photo or file if required
    • Enter Assessment answer
  3. Preview (optional)
    • You can use the 'Preview' button to view how the assessment item would appear to the student;

  4. Assign a difficulty level 

    1. Optional
      1. Used by formative assessment appearing in +Profiling
  5. Assign availability for Quiz/Profiling/RPL 

    • You must select at least one, but you may select all if they all apply.

      1. Quiz Question -  


      2. Profiling Question -


      3. RPL Question -


    • Note: If the item type is ‘RPL Observation’ then none of these options are available.
  6. Select unit to map - type in part/all or unit code
    • If the unit required is not available, contact
    • You will need to map the unit to Performance Criteria (PC)/Knowledge/Skill by clicking on the relevant link
      • Tick box beside relevant PC/Knowledge/Skill
    • The question may be mapped to more than one unit at a time.
  7. Add Question
    • When finished, hit the 'Add Assessment Item' button to save the Assessment you've created.

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