Editing Entries


Once you've submitted a weekly Entry, it's up to your Supervisor to approve that week’s entry and following that, the activity is then added to your profile.

You can edit that entry any time up until your Supervisor approves it.

Occasionally your Supervisor may contact you and request that you edit an entry because it is not correct in some way.

To edit/add to your existing activities:

  1.  Log in on a computer, tablet, or mobile app.
  2. Click on Profiling History from the homepage ;


  3. Click on the week you’re editing ;

  4. Click 'Edit' ;

  5. Click on 'Review' ;

  6. Go back through and review the activities you wish to edit/delete.

  7. Once you are done adding/deleting your activities, click on 'Finish' ;

  8. Select the Supervisor to notify (you can change the supervisor here if needed).

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