+Assessment - How to create Assessment Tools


To get to +Assessment, select +Assessment from the extensions tab on the right-hand side of the toolbar. A new item will appear in the toolbar - +Assessment.


From the new +Assessment tab select > Assessment Matrix



1. Select the qualification code (optional) ;



2. Click into All Units search field and then type in/select the relevant unit code ;


  • Units that contain existing assessment tools will be indicated by *
    • Units that contain existing assessment tools will also be available to select in the Mapped Units search field

3. View Mapping Matrix ;

  • The left column lists Unit’s Elements & Performance Criteria, Knowledge, Skills
  • Each column represents an assessment tool
  • New columns are added as needed
  • Where there is an existing assessment already built, item ID numbers are displayed in the row of the PC/Knowledge/Skill that it is mapped to



How to add a New Assessment Tool -


1. Go to 'New Column' and hover in the title block ;


2. Click on the dropdown menu ;



3. Select the type of assessment you wish to build ;

  • Assessment Quiz – for creating quizzes
  • Self Assessment Quiz - only self-marking items selectable 
  • Checklist – for the unit checklist
  • RPL Checklist – for RPL self-assessment quiz
  • RPL Quiz – for RPL observation checklist

4.  Select Create Assessment (added field when "create assessment" is selected) ;



5.  A window pops up displaying items that are ;

  • Mapped to the unit
  • Suitable for the type of assessment you are creating
  • Selected as available for the for Summative/Formative/RPL (see step 17.1, step 7)


6. Click in the checkbox to select items ;



7. Drag to order items (if required) ;

  •  The order in this window will be the order that the items are displayed in the checklist/questions


8. Name your assessment item ;

  • In the text box above the items, insert title of the assessment tool replacing the words 'New Column'
  • This is the name that the questions/checklist will be labeled both in the matrix and at top of the assessment tool
  • Alternatively, the name can be edited by clicking on the column header
  • All new assessments will display as New Column until edited and saved

9. Option to view/print as PDF ;



  • Where there is an arrangement for you to view other RTOs assessments, they will be available for selection but not editable.
  • At the bottom of the pop-up, any Performance Criteria that are not covered by the selection of questions are listed.


10. Save


Formative Assessment -

This feature is being retired - to be replaced by the new LMS's availability in the mobile app which is currently in development.



Editing the Name of an Assessment -

The name of the Assessment Tool is displayed -

  ●  As a column heading in the assessment matrix -mceclip1.png


  ●  In the header of the PDFs -


  ● When you edit the RPL quiz, in the heading -


How to Edit the name ;

  1. Go to Assessment Matrix
  2. Select Unit
  3. Click on Title in the column header
  4. EditOK

Alternatively -

  1. Go to Assessment Matrix
  2. Select Unit
  3. Click on View Assessment/View Checklist in the column header
  4. Edit name field in the pop-up
  5. >Save

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