Logging into Ready Skills

There are two ways for you as a student to log into the Ready Skills System.

  1. Through a web browser. 
  2. Through your mobile app.

When you were added to the system by your Registered Training Organisation you would have received an email giving you a username and a password. This would have been the email provided on your enrolment form. 

If you do not have it, check in your spam/junk folder and if you still cannot find it, request it from your RTO before trying to log in. 


Logging in via a browser 

You can access the Ready Skills System via any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone if you prefer to use a browser rather than a mobile app.

It is our recommendation that if using a browser, that you use either Safari, Google Chrome or Firefox for the best results.

To access the login page go to the URL https://app.mytrainingplan.com.au/

You will see the below view. 


Simply click 'Login', enter your username, your password, and log in.

Remember - for the best results when using a browser, make sure you keep up to date with all updates!


Logging In via your Mobile App

To login via the app, firstly it is important that you have installed the app on your Apple or Android device. Installing the app is simple.

  1. Go to the App Store (Apple) or Google Play and search for the app "Ready Skills"
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. When installed, launch the app and you will see the below login screen.

  4. Simply enter your username, your password, and select login. 



Differences between logging in via App/Browser

As the Ready Skills solution continues to develop we will increasingly be bridging the gap between the app and the browser versions of the solution. At the moment, you can only access some elements within the app and all elements in a browser.

  • The app is simply designed as a quick and easy way to add entries and request approval.
  • The Browser version (accessed through the browser on your PC) has these additional features:
    1. Graphs showing overall progress and your Unit by Unit Profile
    2. Percentage completion graphs
    3. All your profiling history (this is where you can edit unapproved entries)
    4. The ability to log comments

    5. Contact details for your supervisor and trainer

    6. The 'My Details' tab to update account details or password details

    7. Help tab with videos and User Guides


Below is a simple table outlining what can be accessed by the different login types.





Creating EntriesYesYes
Viewing Profiling HistoryYesYes
Viewing Course ProgressYesYes
Submitting Student SupportYesYes
Uploading EvidenceYesYes
Editing SubmissionsNoYes

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