How to Log Workplace Activity


How to log workplace activity ;

Step 1
- Start off by logging in using your username and password :


Step 2 - Hit the 'Add Entries' button :


Step 3 - Select a week from the calendar :


  • Available weeks are dark grey
  • Weeks go from Monday to Sunday
  • Select a different date by clicking on the date

Note: If the calendar is not displayed, you have a week already open

Step 4 - Click the 'Add Task' button :


Step 5 - Find the right activity :


  1. Left-click on a category
  2. Select the relevant activity and if you can’t find the activity you’re looking for, try another category.
  3. You can also upload workplace evidence against an activity. You can do this by holding left-click on an activity until a blue overlay comes over it, as shown below ;


Step 6 - Select any concurrent activities you performed during your daily activities :


Step 7Enter a task name and time taken :


Step 8 - Record Day completed, Supervision level and any Notes* :


  • Full: ranges from assisting someone else and only doing a small part of the job to having someone standing by you, giving instruction & assistance as you carry out the task.
  • Partial: your work was checked regularly with some instruction given, but not continually supervised.
  • Minimal: you completed the task by yourself with minimal assistance or instruction.


*Notes can be used to record things like where you took part in the task or any notes you had about that day's training.

Step 9 - You then repeat this process until all tasks for the week are recorded!

How to edit your workplace activity (Browser only) ;

Step 1 - Click on the +Profiling header and click on 'Update Recent Entry' :

Step 2Click 'Review' on the activity you want to edit :

Step 3 - Edit as required & Save.


How to finalise a week ;

Step 1 - Hit the 'Finalise Week' button :


Step 2 - Confirm which trainer you would like to receive your entries :


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