Employer Support


Part of the process of resulting a Unit of Competency is that the Training Organisation/TAFE may ask you to indicate whether or not you think the student is able to carry out the related task to a standard that is acceptable in their given workplace.

This is referred to as the Employer Support process. When asked by your organisation if you think your student has reached the level required, you will receive an email or an App notification with the request. Respond promptly by either following the link in the email or using the App.


How to respond to Employer Support Requests within Ready Skills -

  1.  On the home page of Ready Skills, you can hit either of the 'Outstanding Employer Support' buttons ;

  2. On the next page, hit the 'Review' button next to the student you wish to review ;

  3. This will open the Employer Support Approval page ;

  4. The Employer Support Approval page contains a multitude of things ;

    The first thing you will see is the Unit Activity Graphs


At the top of the page, you can hit the 'pie charts' button to view some Pie Charts -


5. Once you've assessed if the student has met the requirements of their Unit, you can choose to Agree or Not Yet Agree to the students having completed the workplace standards required for the Unit ;


Following that, you will get a second window appear that allows you to input any comments that back up your decision on if you Agree/Not Yet Agree and subsequently you select the Trainer that will be notified with your answer ; 


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