Getting started with Ready Skills - Students

Ready Skills is a system designed to assist you, your supervisor, and your educators to track your skills and knowledge over the time of your enrolment with your training organisation.

Within this program, everyone will be able to monitor and assist you to achieve your goals in this course.

You can share critical information about your web-based logbook that you use to record your workplace activities each week.

You log your weekly activity by selecting icons that depict the workplace activities that make up your daily tasks.

You allocate hours to each activity and the supervision level you were under. You can also include job log details, and upload a file or photo if relevant.

Your supervisor will approve what you have logged and your Training Organisation will use the information to monitor your progress through your training.

Important things to know ;

Your Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to log entries :

  • Promptly
  • Accurately
  • Covering all your tasks for the week

Your Training Organisation/TAFE requires evidence that you are carrying out a wide range of tasks over a period of time at decreasing supervision levels.

Changing Employer/Supervisors:

If you need to change your Trainer/Supervisor/Employer, notify your Training Organisation/TAFE.

Keep your details up to date:

Update any changes to your email, phone numbers under the My Details tab in the browser version (We recommend that you update your password regularly).

Useful Tips when getting started ;


Why it's best to use the same device for entries -

  • Use the one device to record all your entries for the week.
    • The App will only sync with the web when a week is completed
    • Either do all entries on the mobile App or all within a browser


You can log entries without internet -

  • Use the app to log entries even without internet access
  • While still in range, log into the app
  • Any entries logged while without internet access will be synced when you next select Request Approval.


How do Ready Skills weeks work -

  • A week goes from midnight Sunday to midnight Sunday
  • In the calendar available weeks are dark grey (weeks with entries can’t be re-selected and are greyed out)

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