Trainer - +Profiling Overview


+Profiling Trainer Responsibilities:

It is your responsibility to make sure your student's log entries

  • Promptly
  • Accurately
  • Covering all tasks for the week
    •  Some tasks may be made up of numerous activities
      Note: the term used within Ready Skills for Trainers/Assessors/Teachers is Trainer.

You can use Profiling to:

  • Monitor skills development
  • Identify gaps in training /experience
  • Record Employer Engagement/Communication
  • Assist in determining competency by reviewing skills range and supervision level
  • Capture Employer sign off by requesting Employer Support.

Components of a Student's Profile: 


For each student, you can view their :

  • Students details
  • Entry History
  • Unit Profiles
  • Training Plan
  • RPL Progress (if applicable)
  • Assessments (if applicable)
  • Request Employer Support

Viewing the Student's Details:

When viewing a student's details you can see details such as ;

  • First/Last Name
  • Username for Ready Skills
  • Student Number (If applicable)
  • USI Number
  • Apprenticeship start date
  • Email Address
  • Phone/Mobile Number
  • What level of access they have to Ready Skills
  • Employer
  • Current Qualification 


Viewing Entry History: 

Check out the below article for a breakdown of Entry History - Entry History - Trainers

Viewing Students by Unit: 

You can view a group of students who are all enrolled in a specific unit rather than going into individual accounts.

To do this, select Unit in the home page filter and enter the unit code.

  • You can also add the tag filter to refine the search.

 From this page, you can ;

  • View Employer Support status – colour reflects status (see legend)
  • Request Employer Support - click on 'Employer Support' to open to the unit for a specific student
  • Manage and mark Assessments & Checklists
  • Review responses to formative Questions (optional feature)
  • View any evidence you have uploaded to a unit
  • Navigate to other profile information for a specific student 
    • Click on the name fields

Viewing Students by Employer: 

Filter on an employer name to display specific students

  • Useful when organising workplace visits or calls

Filtering on Username: 

The most common use of this filter is to display the username of students in your list

  •  Helps to provide you with information to assist a student who has forgotten their login credentials

Note: Passwords are encrypted and cannot be displayed

Tips for helping Students engage with +Profiling: 


Without student entries, there is no information to review. 

It's important to take time to educate your students in the use of +Profiling, such as ;

  • How to enter complete and accurate logs, including selecting the right supervision level
  • Demonstrate use using everyday examples
  • Have a demo student you can use
    • Download the app and log in as the demo student
  • Check for timely entries and follow up where necessary to develop their habit of regular entries
  • Allow time in class to log their activity if possible
  • Make them aware of facilities at your RTO (e.g. computer access or Wi-Fi access) to assist them to make regular & timely entries

Other Useful Information: 

App for phone or tablet -

The App is ONLY available to Student & Supervisor level users.

It is the quickest and easiest way for most students to add entries

  • Once a student is logged in they can add entries with or without Wi-Fi
  • Stored weeks can be uploaded once a Wi-Fi connection is re-established

The App enables a supervisor to easily:

  • Approve/deny weekly student entries
  • Agree/not yet agree to ESA

Use the same device all week -

A student should use the one device to record all their entries for the one week.

  • Either do all entries on app or all on browser
  • The app will only sync with the web when a week is completed

Supervision Levels -

The following is a guide to recording supervision levels. You may wish to make your own criteria and distribute to students.

  • Full: ranges from assisting someone else to having someone standing by, giving instruction & assistance
  • Partial: instructions provided with regular checks on progress
  • Minimal: the task is completed with minimal assistance or instruction

Icons Displayed -

The icons that a student sees will vary depending on the elective units available in the template that has been set up.

Elective units can be customized for individual students – this can be done by a user with admin access.

If the student has all the correct units listed in their profile but is not seeing icons that match their workplace activity, contact to discuss the addition of these icons.

Photos -

Photo evidence can be uploaded where a unique task is performed or where the photographic record of an outcome is required.

Notes -

Students can upload notes for any entry to -

  • Record specific information about a client or job
  • Record a task they can’t see represented by the pictures
  • Record additional information as requested by you or their Supervisor


Editing entries -

Any unapproved entry can be edited by the student

To edit, they must log in to the browser version

  • Select View Profile History
  • Select the week
  • Amend and save

Simulated Tasks -

  • You can direct students to log activities carried out in the simulated environment of the RTO. (this is an optional feature that must be selected for your RTO)

Forgotten Passwords -

Passwords are encrypted and cannot be retrieved from the system. 

  • If a person forgets their username or password, they can use the forgotten password feature. It matches the email submitted with accounts in the system and sends an email with new log-on credentials.
  • Where more than one user is registered to the one email address, the forgotten password will not be able to reset the password and the person with admin access should be contacted to manually reset the password.

Personal Details -

Encourage students to keep their personal details up to date by updating the information under the My Details tab.

Videos -

There is an extensive set of how-to videos under the help tab in the browser. As a trainer you have access to videos for all user levels. These give further details of the topics covered in this User Guide.

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