Admin - +RPL Overview

How to access a student's RPL page -

Go to the Ready Skills home page -


Log in using the user name and password provided to you.

Select Extensions in the toolbar and click on +RPL to view all your RPL Students -


RPL student list -

Click on Student to access their RPL and then select “View RPL Progress” from the pop-up menu - 


This will show you the students RPL Progress page -


Review Work Experience -

The level of experience recorded by the applicant in step 3 of the RPL process is mapped to their Units of Competency. The green bar represents their overall experience per Unit.


Click on the green bar to display icons mapped to the unit and the level of experience recorded.


This is an indicator of the level of experience in tasks for each unit and contributes to your decision on whether to proceed with the RPL process.

Self Evaluation Quiz -

How to mark/review Self Evaluation Questions ;


 Click on the bar to view the answers submitted by the Student

  • Green indicates % correctly answered questions
  • Orange indicates % incorrectly answered questions
  • Grey indicates % questions that require manual marking


For written answer questions, review the response and mark. The bar graph will update accordingly.

NOTE: “Result: Not marked” will appear until the question is marked.

NOTE - “No Unit Questions”- the applicant may have missed some questions or the quiz did not contain questions for those units.

Employer validation -

How to review Employer validation



Click ‘View’ to display/print the completed Employer Validation.

Employer validation should have been requested in Step 4 of the application process



You can re-request Employer Validation if required - print or email options.

The Employer validation request is a report comprised of the relevant activity icons, noting experience level as selected by the applicant. Employer response options are either “Agree” or “Do Not Agree”.


Click on the Employer Name to view details.



Edit/update any employer details as required.

Final Step -


Once the applicant has completed step 7 of the RPL process and submitted their application, it's the Trainer/Assessor's job too;

  1. Review the evidence provided by the Student
  2. Record evidence of assessment observation and/or questioning
  3. Indicate if RPL is granted/complete

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