+Profiling - Student Overview


+Profiling is made up of three main facets.


  • Entries - This is what you use to record your workplace activity and subsequently upload any evidence that pertains to the workplace activity you participated in.
  • Profiling History - This area you can go to view any of your existing/outstanding entries and to see if they have been approved by your Supervisor/Trainer.
  • Unit Profiles - This is where you can see the list of all the Units in your Qualification and how far through the completion of the individual Units that you are.


 Located below is a screenshot of all 3 areas ;




Entries ;

Entries are more extensive so we have a dedicated article for them, located here  

Profiling History ;


You can use Profiling History to view/edit any unapproved entries, view a graph of hours logged for the last 25 weeks and view any approved/unapproved entry (click on the week to view the icons selected and when and who approved the entry).



Unit Profiles ;



Within Unit Profiles you can ;

  • View detailed information Unit by Unit (Click on the code to display the Unit information)

  • See graphs that show unit tasks and the number of times and what supervision level you’ve recorded

  • Post comments to Trainer or Supervisor - click on New Comment to add a comment and select who to notify (All comments are visible to all users and you can’t edit or delete a comment you post)

  • View your Total Qualification Completed Graph

mceclip1.pngThis graph displays the percentage of the total qualification that has been completed - the total comes from how many of your units have been ticked (marked competent). Note; This may impact on wage progression depending on the award within your industry.

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