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What is Ready Skills?

Ready Skills is essentially a digital logbook that students (apprentices/trainees) use to record their workplace activities each week. Ready Skills successfully replaces paperwork by removing training logs and third party report sign-offs that would otherwise take time to sort out in person.


These students log their weekly activity by selecting icons that depict the workplace activities that make up their daily tasks. Against these icons, the students record hours and their supervision level. They can also include job details and upload a file or photo/notes if relevant.

The student’s weekly entries then require approval/verification from their workplace supervisor.


The purpose behind this logging of activity is to provide valuable information required as part of the assessment process for an RTO.


Profiling also provides valuable information to employers who are wanting to be involved in their student’s training, such as:

  •  Their progress through the Qualification, including % completion of the Qualification.
  • Gives indication into areas where experience is lacking
  • Provides evidence wherein the student is already deemed competent



Accessing Ready Skills -

You should have received an email when your account was created, informing you of your username and password.


Following this, to access Ready Skills either go to ;

  • The Ready Skills App on your phone or tablet.


The browser on a computer, phone or tablet - go to app.mytrainingplan.com.au

  • The recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome and Safari
  • For the full features of Ready Skills, use the browser version.


Accounts with the ‘Supervisor’ user-level may be created for an employer, or in larger businesses, a HR manager, senior/supervising staff, workplace overseer, etc.


As a person with a Supervisor account, it is important that you are familiar with the daily activities of the student/s. If you wish to nominate someone else in your company to fulfill the responsibilities outlined below, notify the relevant Training Organisation/TAFE.



Supervisor Responsibilities:

As the employer/supervisor you have 2 main responsibilities within Ready Skills (explained in more detail below):

  1. Approving weekly logs by apprentice/trainee

  2. Responding to requests asking for Agreement that the Workplace Standard has been reached (Employer Support)



Multiple Supervisors:

More than one supervisor may be linked to a student. You must advise the Training Organisation if you require additional supervisor accounts within your business.

When they submit an entry, a student should choose the most suitable supervisor to approve that week.



Supervisor home page features:

You can log in to the Browser version at any time to view a student’s progress and check that they are completing weekly entries promptly. On the home page, you will be met with 6 icons and they are as follows ;


Outstanding employer support -

A page that shows any past outstanding employer support entries for your students.

Approval requests -

A page that shows if your student has entries to be approved, is up to date, has requests for employer support outstanding and more – see the legend at the bottom of the home page.

Site visit -

A page that shows any outstanding site visits that you have to confirm.

Events - 

A page that shows any upcoming events.

My Students -

On your home page, you will see a list of any students linked to you. If the list is incomplete or inaccurate, inform the Training Organisation/TAFE so the details can be amended.

Click on a name to see more details such as

  • Viewing Unit Profiles
  • Viewing Profiling History
  • Viewing Contact Details - for trainer/s, student and any other supervisors

My Details -

A place you can update your password, change your email address or any other details displayed here.

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