+Training Plan - Student Overview


You can access your Training Plan page by hitting the 'Training Plan' button in your home page or going to 'Extensions' and hitting '+Training Plan'.


Your Training Plan is an outline of all things to do with your current Qualification and Units of Competency.

The Training Plan will display as a grid containing all course information for the student and a key to explain what is contained within the grid.


*Your Training Plan may differ in how it looks, based on what state you're from*


Contained within your Training Plan, you can see :

  1. The View/Print a PDF button will display an onscreen PDF that you can subsequently save/print.
  2. This is a Legend/Key that explains what each item on the Training Plan is by elaborating on what any abbreviations or shortcodes mean. It is primarily used to recognise what each area of the Training Plan is displaying.
  3. This heading will display the Course Code, Course Name, and the Student's Name.
  4. The main grid of the Training Plan displays information such as the Unit Code, Unit Title, and other details regarding Unit Date Activity, etc.

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