+Learning & Assessment Student Overview


You can access your Learning & Assessment page by hitting the 'Learning & Assessment' button in your home page or going to 'Extensions' and hitting 'LMS/Assessments'. 



+Learning & Assessment is where you go to complete the assessment work that has been aligned with your course.


At the top of the page, there are 3 different completion charts -



Qualification ;

The Qualification chart gives the percentage of how far through your course that you currently are, based on how many units you've completed.


Content ;

The Content chart covers how much of the content you've viewed, not to be confused with how much you've completed.


Assessment ;

The Assessment chart covers over how many of the required assessment items you've submitted/completed for your Qualification.


Course Activity Graph ;



 This graph shows the frequency of your behavior when it comes to working on your assessments.


Core Units & Progress ;

Toward the bottom of the page, you will see all your Units laid out in sections and upon clicking on each Unit you will see your progress toward the assessment pieces associated with that Unit, the start and end date of the unit from your Training Plan and also a 'Get started' button ;


If you are unable to see a 'Get Started' button, your training organisation may not have set up the unit's assessment criteria and you would need to contact your training provider.



Once you hit get started you will see a window that looks something like the following :



Each unit has a legend on the left-hand side that includes each of the different assessment items for the Unit you're currently working on and the order you need to work through them :



The dots can be used to go backward/forward in the content as can the Next/Previous button - 



And in the top left of the page, you can see the legend that explains what each dot means ;




For an individual breakdown of the Assessment items, see below ;

Assessment Item #1 - Multiple Choice Question

Assessment Item #2 - Match Up Question

Assessment Item #3 - Written Response Question

Assessment Item #4 - Checklist

Assessment Item #5 - File Upload Question

Assessment Item #6 - Video Response Question

Assessment Item #7 - Embedded Video Question

Assessment Item #8 - List Question

Assessment Item #9 - Exact Answer


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