Trainer - Assisting your Students to use Ready Skills


As the Teacher, your role is to educate students in the use of the logbook, by showing them; 

  • How to enter complete and accurate logs
  • Demonstrating using everyday examples
  • Check for timely entries and follow up where necessary
  • Allow time in class to log their activity or remind them to use facilities at RTO to do that.

Supervision Levels -

The following is a guide to recording supervision levels;


  • Full: ranges from assisting someone else to having someone standing by, giving instruction & assistance
  • Partial: the apprentice’s work was checked regularly with some instruction given but not continually supervised
  • Minimal: the task is completed with minimal assistance or instruction

Notes -

This section is for situations where you or their Supervisor have requested the student:

  • Record additional specific information about a client or job
  • Record a task they can’t see represented by the pictures
  • Upload a picture via the upload facility

Editing entries -

Entries can be edited by the student up until the point that they are saved.

  • Trainers can then edit entries that have already been saved, by logging into a browser, going to Profiling History, and select the entry that is to be edited.


Simulated Tasks -

Students should click the Simulated box when recording tasks done in the simulated environment of RTO

Logging entries without internet -


The app can be used to log entries even without internet access - simply log into the app while there is internet connectivity and any entries logged while without internet access will be synced when 'Request Approval' is next selected.

 A student should use one device to record all entries for a week.

  • The app will only sync with the web when a week is completed
  • Either do all entries on the app or all on the browser

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