Trainer - Getting started with Ready Skills


What is Ready Skills?

Ready Skills is a suite of online tools for RTOs to use that includes -

Accessing Ready Skills -

  1. You should have received an email when your account was created with your username and password.
  2. Open your browser to and log in using the details supplied.
    • Recommended browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Ready Skills may be accessed via the browser on a PC, tablet or phone.

(Student & Supervisor users have access to an App on mobile as well as the Browser version)

The student’s profile provides valuable information required as part of the assessment process for an RTO.

The Profile also provides valuable information to employers who are wanting to be involved in their student’s training, such as:

  • Progress through the qualification, including % completion
  • Areas where experience is lacking
  • Areas where the student is already deemed competent

Trainer Access -

You should have received an email when your account was created, informing you of your username and password together with an overview of how to use Ready Skills.

You can access Ready Skills via

  • The Ready Skills App on your phone or tablet - download the App – free from Google Play or the App Store.


For the full features of Ready Skills, use the browser version.

Trainer Home Page features - 


Your students

  • List all the students for whom you are responsible
  • Filter by name, username, employer, tags


  •  Icons to show at a glance if your student has entries to be approved or is up to date (see the legend at top of page)

My Details

  • Update your password
  • Change your email address or any other details displayed here
  • Change your password after initial logon to give greater security


  • How-to videos that explain how to interpret and approve entries.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) & User Guide also available

Navigating your Student's Profile -


View Entry History -


  • View any unapproved entries - select View beside notice of unapproved entries
  • View graph of activity in last 25 weeks, highlighting inconsistencies and gaps
  • View approved entries for any week by selecting on the week, including concurrent activities, notes or uploads.

View Unit Profiles -


  • View the student’s profile information Unit by Unit
  • Log a comment- click on a unit to have this view
  • Tick Unit
  • Request Employer Support Agreement- click on 'Request Support'
  • Then, select the unit by ticking the box under 'Employer Support Agreement Request'

Notifications -

Icons show at a glance if your student has entries to be approved, is up to date, has requests for Employer Support and more – see the legend at the bottom of the home page for a breakdown.

Help -

  • How-to videos that explain all aspects of +Profiling for both Supervisor and Student's user levels.

  • User Guides for both user levels.



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