Trainer - +Training Plan Overview


+Training Plan has the capacity to -

  • Create digital Training Plan documents
  • Upload spreadsheets, then edit/complete details in 7 step process
  • Be fully editable with version control
  • Use digital signature capability for site visits/mobile devices

Admin and Trainers have access to Manage this area.

Uploading a Spreadsheet:

Use the templates provided for uploading data

Contact a Ready Skills admin ( to have a customised template prepared to match your SMS output or Training Regulator Advice spreadsheets.


  1. Select +Training Plan under the extensions tab or on the login landing page ;

  2. Choose 'Upload User Excel File' ;


  3. Choose your Excel file and Upload ;

  4. An upload report will then be displayed ;
    • Error-free uploads are indicated in yellow
    • Any duplicates or errors will be indicted in red
    • Where no errors exist, you will be automatically redirected to the Student list
    • Where errors are detected, after reviewing errors, select continue to proceed to the Student list

  5. Students uploaded will be displayed ;


    • Newly uploaded Students are displayed at the top of the Student List page and indicated by the ‘NEW’ alert on the left of the name

  6. From here you can either complete Steps 1-3 to create accounts or complete Steps 1-7 to generate a digital Training Plan.

*Registration Number is the primary unique identifier for a student. Where it is not available, the secondary identifier is Student Number.

*One of these unique identifiers must be available in the spreadsheet otherwise the system will fail to upload the student into the system

Completing a Training Plan:

Prior to completing the 7 step process, you should ensure that a suitable Training Plan Template is available for selection.

Ideally suited to being completed during the sign-up process (with some/all parties present) using a tablet device or laptop.

Ideally, all steps would be completed at the same time.


These steps include:

  • Negotiating elective units, dates of training, and modes of training.
  • Producing a Training Contract complete with digital signatures.
  • Creating student and supervisor accounts in Ready Skills.

How to complete a training plan -

  1. Click on the selected NEW student ;


    • Follow the same process to edit previously processed users

  2. Complete steps 1-2 ;
    Step 1. Review prepopulated information -

    Step 2. Complete mandatory fields -

     -Mandatory fields not yet completed show a red alert

  3. Complete step 3 ;

    • An alternative trading name can be selected
    • Ensure that employer details are consistent across all systems your RTO uses
    • Employer email is required if you intend to request electronic signatures (by email) now or in the future
    • Supervisor name & contact info is required information - it is used in automatic account creation for a supervisor
      • View existing supervisors linked to this employer by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right end of the Select Supervisor box
      • Select an existing supervisor if appropriate
      • Details of existing supervisors cannot be edited here, they can be edited in the admin area
      • Where no supervisor account exists or a different supervisor is to be linked to this student, complete the 4 associated fields

  4. Complete Step 4 ;
    Most fields will be prepopulated and you can add a new Supervisor if required.
    Once finished, hit 'create accounts' ;


    • Student and supervisor accounts are created as this page loads
    • Auto-generated emails with account details will be sent to the student & supervisor when a new account is created
    • The page is populated with information added in steps 1-4

  5. Complete Step 5 ;
    Support/Workplace-based questions -

  6. Step 6 - Training Plan template ;

    • On this page, you can customise the Training Plan Template if required
    • Delete and add units as required
    • Select Accept & Continue if changes are made
    • If customised, once the page is saved, the display will be ‘CustomXYZ’
    • If no changes are made, close the window by clicking 'X'

      Once finished, save the Training Plan
    • This will automatically be Version 1 and the date saved is recorded
    • If you select Print PDF before saving, p 5-6 of Training Plan will not be populated with dates, etc

  7. Step 7 – Agreement by all parties

    Step 7 requires agreement and a date/signature from all 3 parties involved -

    1. The RTO
    2. The Employer
    3. The Apprentice

      Signature options:
      • Digitally signed – on a touch screen device
      • Ensure that all parties tick the agreement checkbox and complete name/date details
      • Emailed to student & employer for electronic agreement

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