+Organiser Overview - Trainer


To get to the Organiser, Select +Organiser from the Extensions menu in the toolbar -




+Organiser is used primarily for Trainers to:

  • Make calendar events and send invites
  • Record feedback on events or other notes in the comments area
  • Track Training Hours per unit for students



There are 3 options in the Trainer Dashboard:


  • Navigate to each area by clicking on the icons.
  • To return to the dashboard from any page, click on the +Organiser icon at the top of the page
  • You can also use the +Organiser menu in the toolbar



Calendar ;

  • Use the Calendar to plan your week.
  • Event invites are sent using the email address recorded in Ready Skills.
  • If you wish to notify a person who does not have a Ready Skills account, add them to your Contact lists then they will be selectable.
  • Hints on tagging an event: If the employer is selected first, only students with that employer are displayed. Then once the student is selected only supervisors linked to that student are displayed.
  • Consider creating separate (can be overlapping) events for each individual student – this makes it easier to give feedback with a separate ‘Pending’ post per student already created.
  • For events that do not require feedback/hours tracked, you can untick ‘Requires Feedback’ and no ‘Pending’ post will be created.


Comments ;

  • Comments can be used for giving feedback on events, and in particular to log training hours involved.
  • Other uses might be reminders or to do items; observations of behaviour etc.
  • You can also log a comment then save and create an event. This is great for making follow up events and keeping them linked in your Comment History.


  • Create your own contact list with people who are not Ready Skills users.
  • Contacts can be linked to comments or events.



How to Create an event in Calendar

  1. Use arrows to navigate to future/past dates
  2. Click on start time & drag to cover the required time span
  3. Toggle between views –day, week, month



Once you've selected your time period, you will be prompted with event details ;

  1. Title (for calendar display)
  2. Edit times/date if required
  3. Location (where)
  4. Event type/s
  5. Mode/s
  6. Select Tags – click on the name to add / X to remove
  7. Colour code event
  8. Notifications (reminders for a trainer in +Organiser)



How to create a Comment


  • Click Add/View Comments


  • Select the applicable tags from the right side:
    • Post category
    • Employer
    • Supervisors
    • Students
    • Trainers
    • Contact List
    • Attach files


  • Use filters to search previous comments -

  • Once linked it will be added to the right side display


Post a comment not linked to an event

  • Add comment to text field
  • Select appropriate tags
  • Select ‘Save Comment’

Hint: thorough tagging assists with better filter search results at a later date.


Using filters to find a previous comment

You may want to display all the posts for a certain student or employer or unit etc

  • There are a lot of different filters to use
  • You may add multiple filters to refine your display


  • Use filters to refine the display to:
  • an individual
  • a specific unit
  • a type of contact
  • notifications sent
  • to do posts
  • key words
  • and more
  • Select add filter to add more filters
  • Select ‘Search Posts’ to display result of filter
  • Select Clear filters to reset to default pending


Managing Existing Comments


Starred Comments

  • Click on star in left column to add a comment to your to do list
  • Select ‘To Do’ filter to display


Hover over Comment field

  • Hover mouse over comment field to display more text (this is available when you are using a mouse)


Using right hand column functions


To view complete comment

  • Click on the eye in right hand column


Editing a comment

  • Click on pen icon
  • Edit as required and ‘Save Comment’
  • Select ‘Cancel Edit’ if you don’t want to save any changes


Deleting a comment

  • 2 step delete
  • Remember that any training hours linked to units in a deleted post will be deleted


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