Admin - LMS

LMS functionality can be used to manage your Unit learning and assessment -

  • Design your own unit learning modules
  • Manage release of assessment

Create your own Assessments that are suited to your learning design -

  • Create numerous small chunks of learning
  • Insert formative learning quizzes
  • Provide information in varied formats
  • Include summative assessment

The LMS is accessed through the Assessment Matrix -

  1. Go to Assessment Matrix;  


  2. In the Mapped Units field, enter the unit code ;
    1. Option to enter qualification code first if wanting to display only units in a specific qualification
    2. If only using LMS to design Learning, may use ‘ All Units’ select field

  3. Click 'LMS';


Within the LMS functionality, you have the option to -

Preview - 


  • Preview the student's view of the content
  • Publish to make available in student’s Unit Profile

Add File - 


  • Upload files (PDF/Word doc) with learning material already formatted OR
  • Build a module of learning
  • Enter text
  • Insert links
  • Upload photos
  • Insert video

Add URL -


  • Insert URL links to YouTube videos, catalogues, webpages, etc
  • Add text/images for associated information or instructions
  • May create multiple URL modules

Add assessments -


  • Choose from the assessment quizzes that you have previously created
  • All assessment quizzes created for this unit will be available to select
  • By default, quizzes are not available to the student unless opened by the Trainer through the Unit

Add Checklists -


  • Choose from the assessment checklists that you have previously created
  • All assessment checklists created for this unit will be available to select

Add Forms -


  • Choose from the Forms created for your Organisation, by a Ready Skills Admin
    - Used for questionnaires, observation records, and specialised checklists

Publish -


  • Once published, a tick box will be displayed on the 'Manage LMS & Assessments' page (Trainer/Admin view)

  • To give the student access to LMS, check the LMS tickbox on the Manage LMS & Assessments page

  • Not required to un-publish to make minor modifications. Any edits will be reflected in the student view

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